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Escape in the park
of the Castle of the Tour d'Oyré 

A haven of nature and landscapes

The landscape park,
a greenery gem

The chateau and outbuildings are set in fourteen hectares of seemingly free-standing but skilfully and discreetly structured parkland.

This design has replaced a regular geometric garden formerly located on the upper part of the park and has existed for about two hundred years -it is listed on the Napoleonic cadastre.

It presents the major features of large "English style" park that were very fashionable in France

from the XVIIIth century on.

IMG_2494 2.JPG

The large rolling meadow is framed by a magnificent tree-lined amphitheater and is speckled with rare species.

A delicate river is spanned by two small stone bridges with picturesque charm and a large piece of water completes the greatness of this dreamlike panorama.


No one stays at the Tour d'Oyré without having the chance to meet the inhabitants of the park. Roe deer and hares leaping on the curves of the park, silhouette of large stags against the edges of the wood, aquatic birds stationed on the pond or rocking owls, this preserved place offers a haven of peace

to a multitude of species.


Many tall trees line the park and constitute an important vegetal heritage: bald cypresses, monumental redwoods, rosebushes basking on the walls heated by the sun, hundred-year-old boxwood and the double row of imposing lime trees in the subtle shade of which

lovers can relax.

Watercolours found in the attic dating from the  the second world war according to the cross of Lorraine found on one of them.

The park is the ideal place for a stroll in the fresh air, a photo shoot or for organizing a memorable outdoor ceremony.

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